Challenges In Writing

I am going to keep this article short and to the point.

Most, if not all writers have challenges when it comes to writing consistently. It is even more prominent when you are only doing it part-time, which most of us are on Medium. I identified my challenges during the end of 2021and currently am working on the solutions to solve them.

The First Step To Solve a Problem Is To Accept There Is One

I identified I had a pattern when it came to writing. I would get excited, take up a challenge but fail to follow through. I decided to stop making the same mistakes and figure out the underlying issue.

The Second Step Is To Identify the Root Cause of the Problem

I noted down my patterns and the excuses I was giving myself for not writing. Then I linked the excuses to the underlying root cause of that excuse. This gave me a comprehensive list of challenges I face in writing.

And that brings us here.

Below Is the List of Challenges I Face With Consistent Writing

  • Not having a set routine: Not having a day/ week plan
  • Lack of discipline: Not following through with the routine
  • Not writing when I am most creative: Not being available to write when I am most creative
  • Not enough inspiration: Why write when I have a good-paying day job and a fun social life?
  • Lack of ideas: What do I even write about?
  • Social commitments: This takes precedence over writing
  • Self Doubt: Am I even a good writer?
  • Too tired from my day job: 8–6 is not easy
  • Torn between priorities: Work, friends, family, and self

I kept the list short and tight because what was the point of beating around the bush. My goal was to identify, plan, and solve.

Now that I was done with the root cause analysis, it was time to look for solutions.

And boy was that a fun experience! Check that out in my next article.

In the meantime, I’d love to know if there are others out there facing similar challenges and what efforts have you made to tackle them.

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